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County1FT Tile Layout6IN Tile Layout1M CIR Tile Layout1FT MrSID County Mosaic6IN MrSID County Mosaic1M CIR County MosaicLIDAR LAS TiledASCII DEM TiledESRI GRID DEM TiledESRI GRID DEM Mosaic
ADAMS   2169.7 MB2566.5 MB327.3 MB5206.6 MB4889.7 MB6337.2 MB6147.8 MB
ALLEN18.0 KB 86.5 KB1201.9 MB1507.1 MB286.1 MB2102.1 MB2021.9 MB2468.0 MB2277.5 MB
ASHLAND19.3 KB 99.6 KB1279.7 MB1254.7 MB350.5 MB2966.3 MB3342.3 MB4191.4 MB3887.3 MB
ASHTABULA28.9 KB 113.7 KB1915.5 MB 464.9 MB4836.0 MB4223.4 MB5265.8 MB4849.8 MB
ATHENS   2203.0 MB 389.6 MB5431.6 MB4658.5 MB5933.7 MB5668.2 MB
AUGLAIZE18.8 KB 115.2 KB1235.6 MB1159.8 MB429.2 MB2162.9 MB2240.6 MB2699.9 MB2491.9 MB
BELMONT   1773.9 MB 311.6 MB5313.1 MB5192.2 MB6359.0 MB6016.5 MB
BROWN   2577.4 MB 418.5 MB4173.9 MB3490.2 MB4450.1 MB4203.7 MB
BUTLER   1590.3 MB 318.4 MB3366.9 MB3237.1 MB4366.1 MB4013.0 MB
CARROLL18.1 KB 87.0 KB1184.0 MB 289.7 MB3077.6 MB3662.3 MB4612.6 MB4350.6 MB
CHAMPAIGN   1280.5 MB 311.6 MB2856.0 MB2800.8 MB3355.8 MB3056.1 MB
CLARK   2827.5 MB1081.0 MB272.5 MB2703.3 MB2618.0 MB3170.4 MB2921.0 MB
CLERMONT   1812.0 MB 396.5 MB4713.8 MB3148.4 MB4094.6 MB3846.1 MB
CLINTON   1549.8 MB1688.8 MB308.4 MB2749.2 MB2476.3 MB2956.5 MB3430.6 MB
COLUMBIANA23.4 KB 98.9 KB1493.1 MB 354.1 MB3848.0 MB4548.3 MB5754.7 MB5386.9 MB
COSHOCTON24.4 KB 104.1 KB1652.9 MB 386.3 MB4505.3 MB5056.7 MB6361.6 MB5987.9 MB
CRAWFORD16.3 KB 80.4 KB1201.1 MB1448.4 MB257.5 MB2258.5 MB2378.6 MB2817.7 MB2585.7 MB
CUYAHOGA21.4 KB 92.9 KB1426.6 MB 386.3 MB3350.3 MB3318.8 MB4263.0 MB3965.5 MB
DARKE   3248.8 MB 382.4 MB4041.6 MB3271.4 MB3784.4 MB3484.6 MB
DEFIANCE17.0 KB 96.7 KB1170.8 MB 343.3 MB2187.1 MB1759.2 MB2084.2 MB1952.9 MB
DELAWARE20.0 KB 86.3 KB1194.1 MB1621.7 MB286.1 MB2679.2 MB2700.4 MB3572.1 MB3135.2 MB
ERIE12.6 KB 84.0 KB1031.1 MB 472.1 MB1824.2 MB1641.1 MB2032.2 MB1881.8 MB
FAIRFIELD21.5 KB  1369.2 MB1553.6 MB379.6 MB3469.6 MB3725.6 MB4817.7 MB4512.5 MB
FAYETTE   1549.8 MB 272.4 MB2622.2 MB2209.7 MB2659.5 MB2431.1 MB
FRANKLIN   1155.8 MB2157.2 MB353.5 MB4011.2 MB3531.1 MB4593.8 MB4913.3 MB
FULTON18.7 KB 82.6 KB1168.6 MB 275.4 MB2071.3 MB1911.9 MB2290.5 MB2131.7 MB
GALLIA   2350.9 MB1304.7 MB467.6 MB4252.7 MB4222.8 MB5401.7 MB5154.4 MB
GEAUGA17.8 KB 86.3 KB1220.6 MB 286.1 MB3403.6 MB3021.5 MB3841.0 MB3540.7 MB
GREENE   1535.5 MB1620.9 MB318.5 MB2820.9 MB2594.8 MB3231.6 MB2981.3 MB
GUERNSEY   2005.2 MB 389.6 MB4840.9 MB4769.8 MB5799.4 MB5502.2 MB
HAMILTON   1783.4 MB 339.6 MB3611.3 MB3258.1 MB4609.3 MB4064.4 MB
HANCOCK22.7 KB 93.7 KB1496.2 MB1815.3 MB321.9 MB2742.6 MB2440.3 MB2923.9 MB2715.8 MB
HARDIN20.5 KB 93.7 KB1346.2 MB 321.9 MB2537.4 MB2541.9 MB3046.4 MB2801.1 MB
HARRISON18.3 KB 78.9 KB1161.6 MB 250.4 MB3188.6 MB3928.8 MB4833.9 MB4561.2 MB
HENRY19.3 KB 87.0 KB1196.5 MB 289.7 MB1955.4 MB1470.9 MB1717.8 MB1592.3 MB
HIGHLAND   1995.6 MB2394.8 MB385.5 MB3939.6 MB3782.8 MB4833.3 MB4633.0 MB
HOCKING   1864.5 MB 341.9 MB4843.0 MB4170.4 MB5154.0 MB5023.2 MB
HOLMES18.7 KB 84.1 KB1293.0 MB 275.4 MB3144.0 MB3763.3 MB4805.7 MB4454.0 MB
HURON17.2 KB 92.2 KB1472.3 MB 314.7 MB2982.3 MB2767.2 MB3459.5 MB3169.9 MB
JACKSON   1468.7 MB 294.5 MB4012.6 MB3704.7 MB4804.1 MB4569.9 MB
JEFFERSON18.4 KB 81.8 KB1142.6 MB 275.4 MB3215.5 MB3879.2 MB4760.0 MB4515.1 MB
KNOX23.2 KB 113.0 KB1391.8 MB 429.2 MB3671.8 MB4217.2 MB5304.9 MB4941.0 MB
LAKE11.6 KB 70.7 KB814.9 MB 286.1 MB1848.9 MB1639.9 MB2118.8 MB1993.9 MB
LAWRENCE   2513.0 MB1186.2 MB387.9 MB4544.4 MB4378.4 MB5431.8 MB5310.4 MB
LICKING31.7 KB  1887.1 MB 460.1 MB5047.3 MB5815.2 MB6462.9 MB5962.4 MB
LOGAN20.8 KB 90.7 KB1364.7 MB 321.9 MB2816.5 MB3125.0 MB3737.9 MB3440.8 MB
LORAIN21.5 KB 105.6 KB1482.6 MB 386.3 MB2915.3 MB2726.5 MB3396.2 MB3175.6 MB
LUCAS16.8 KB 131.1 KB1105.0 MB 547.2 MB2239.1 MB1949.1 MB2384.9 MB2267.3 MB
MADISON   1095.3 MB1767.6 MB389.4 MB3135.0 MB2522.9 MB3009.7 MB2774.3 MB
MAHONING19.6 KB 84.1 KB1239.9 MB 275.4 MB3173.1 MB3141.3 MB3940.6 MB3610.6 MB
MARION17.7 KB 92.2 KB1194.6 MB 314.7 MB2115.1 MB2001.0 MB2427.5 MB2214.7 MB
MEDINA18.1 KB 86.3 KB1199.8 MB 286.1 MB2679.8 MB2869.2 MB3669.5 MB3371.4 MB
MEIGS   2086.2 MB 382.5 MB4366.9 MB3968.5 MB5069.1 MB4835.5 MB
MERCER21.5 KB 86.3 KB1413.4 MB 286.1 MB2450.4 MB2428.5 MB2976.4 MB2710.3 MB
MIAMI   1430.6 MB 254.7 MB2737.2 MB2291.1 MB2879.9 MB2620.7 MB
MONROE   1728.6 MB 318.8 MB5007.7 MB4637.1 MB5517.7 MB5262.6 MB
MONTGOMERY   1370.0 MB1176.8 MB286.5 MB3495.0 MB3010.4 MB3946.0 MB3648.6 MB
MORGAN   1728.6 MB1207.9 MB318.7 MB4018.1 MB4027.2 MB5097.7 MB4851.1 MB
MORROW18.4 KB 86.3 KB1221.7 MB 286.1 MB2622.2 MB2798.2 MB3445.3 MB3197.5 MB
MUSKINGUM   2288.9 MB1741.7 MB428.4 MB5534.1 MB5706.8 MB7310.3 MB6919.7 MB
NOBLE   1802.5 MB 318.7 MB4056.2 MB4042.7 MB4958.5 MB4720.8 MB
OTTAWA15.4 KB 92.9 KB1091.6 MB732.4 MB429.2 MB1651.0 MB1311.5 MB1612.8 MB1557.4 MB
PAULDING18.4 KB 86.3 KB1239.6 MB 286.1 MB2064.9 MB1378.9 MB1664.2 MB1621.6 MB
PERRY   1797.7 MB 354.1 MB3875.6 MB3627.2 MB4613.9 MB4365.2 MB
PICKAWAY   1995.6 MB 369.6 MB3219.4 MB3059.1 MB3857.7 MB3724.9 MB
PIKE   1585.5 MB 306.1 MB6523.3 MB3794.1 MB4814.9 MB4652.7 MB
PORTAGE21.6 KB 86.3 KB1490.4 MB 286.1 MB3763.8 MB3523.1 MB4418.8 MB4087.7 MB
PREBLE   1234.2 MB 283.3 MB3246.5 MB2768.0 MB3401.9 MB3121.6 MB
PUTNAM20.9 KB 86.3 KB1392.2 MB 286.1 MB2251.0 MB1611.3 MB1960.5 MB1859.6 MB
RICHLAND21.5 KB 98.1 KB1472.2 MB 343.4 MB3288.6 MB3603.1 MB4512.1 MB4205.5 MB
ROSS   2355.7 MB 415.4 MB5300.2 MB5112.4 MB6607.0 MB6306.1 MB
SANDUSKY18.3 KB 84.1 KB1266.3 MB 275.4 MB2141.5 MB1687.1 MB2097.1 MB1964.8 MB
SCIOTO   3087.6 MB3450.6 MB469.3 MB5631.7 MB5795.7 MB7254.4 MB6981.4 MB
SENECA23.8 KB 89.2 KB1635.8 MB1925.0 MB300.4 MB2969.5 MB2620.4 MB3338.0 MB3066.6 MB
SHELBY18.4 KB 82.6 KB1175.3 MB 289.7 MB2165.8 MB2305.3 MB2801.2 MB2569.2 MB
STARK24.9 KB 115.9 KB1679.6 MB 429.2 MB3784.1 MB4446.7 MB5639.1 MB5258.1 MB
SUMMIT18.1 KB 75.9 KB1220.3 MB 236.1 MB2973.5 MB3122.4 MB3983.4 MB3706.5 MB
TRUMBULL25.8 KB 101.1 KB1705.8 MB 357.7 MB4479.5 MB3832.4 MB4956.5 MB4528.2 MB
TUSCARAWAS24.9 KB 115.9 KB1659.0 MB1531.6 MB429.2 MB4376.2 MB5099.6 MB6327.6 MB5957.8 MB
UNION19.6 KB 90.0 KB1281.4 MB 314.7 MB2419.9 MB2370.2 MB2909.1 MB2689.0 MB
VAN WERT18.3 KB 86.3 KB1259.3 MB 286.1 MB1920.1 MB1448.8 MB1817.4 MB1708.1 MB
VINTON   2002.8 MB 410.1 MB4485.5 MB3968.1 MB5005.5 MB4788.7 MB
WARREN   1371.0 MB 254.8 MB3537.2 MB2697.6 MB3604.9 MB3323.9 MB
WASHINGTON   3697.9 MB 722.5 MB6301.2 MB6006.8 MB7531.4 MB7211.9 MB
WAYNE22.7 KB 87.0 KB1494.1 MB 289.7 MB3268.7 MB3869.3 MB5033.5 MB4494.5 MB
WILLIAMS18.5 KB 73.7 KB1165.1 MB1438.7 MB225.3 MB2262.2 MB2186.1 MB2926.4 MB2549.0 MB
WOOD25.6 KB 115.9 KB1667.3 MB 429.2 MB2959.4 MB2096.1 MB2655.3 MB5247.9 MB
WYANDOT16.6 KB 80.4 KB1140.3 MB 257.5 MB2043.3 MB1900.2 MB2458.3 MB2216.3 MB

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