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Download OSIP2 Data for Ohio by County

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County1FT MrSID County Mosaic1FT MrSID County Mosaic (100x)1FT CIR County Mosaic1FT CIR County Mosaic (100x)6IN MrSID County Mosaic (30x)6IN MrSID County Mosaic (100x)6IN CIR County Mosaic (30x)6IN CIR County Mosaic (100x)
ADAMS3245.1 MB648.8 MB3246.2 MB648.8 MB8366.1 MB2508.5 MB8366.6 MB2508.6 MB  
ALLEN2360.4 MB   5893.5 MB1767.2 MB5894.3 MB1767.4 MB  
ASHLAND2504.4 MB500.6 MB2504.6 MB500.6 MB      
ASHTABULA3705.1 MB741.1 MB        
ATHENS3294.9 MB658.7 MB  8630.3 MB2587.8 MB8631.8 MB2588.1 MB  
AUGLAIZE3039.9 MB         
BELMONT2653.1 MB530.2 MB2654.4 MB530.3 MB      
BROWN3866.0 MB   9845.1 MB2952.7 MB9848.0 MB2953.3 MB  
BUTLER2385.4 MB         
CARROLL2225.6 MB444.8 MB2225.8 MB444.8 MB      
CHAMPAIGN2397.7 MB479.1 MB2397.9 MB479.1 MB5898.2 MB1768.5 MB5898.2 MB1768.5 MB  
CLARK2403.3 MB         
CLERMONT2718.0 MB         
CLINTON2324.6 MB   6308.6 MB1891.5 MB6309.5 MB1891.7 MB  
COLUMBIANA3068.5 MB         
COSHOCTON2706.8 MB541.0 MB2708.0 MB541.0 MB      
CRAWFORD1891.9 MB         
CUYAHOGA2350.8 MB         
DARKE2796.7 MB         
DEFIANCE2360.4 MB         
DELAWARE2574.9 MB515.0 MB        
ERIE1983.7 MB         
FAIRFIELD2137.7 MB641.0 MB2138.0 MB641.0 MB      
FAYETTE2324.6 MB464.9 MB  5709.6 MB1711.4 MB5710.3 MB1711.9 MB  
FRANKLIN2800.2 MB560.1 MB2800.2 MB560.1 MB      
FULTON1931.2 MB         
GALLIA3517.9 MB703.1 MB        
GEAUGA1521.1 MB         
GREENE2303.1 MB   5907.6 MB1771.4 MB5907.6 MB1771.4 MB  
GUERNSEY2998.7 MB599.5 MB2999.0 MB599.6 MB7722.2 MB2315.6 MB7725.1 MB2316.1 MB  
HAMILTON2675.1 MB         
HANCOCK1738.1 MB   6555.3 MB1965.2 MB9832.9 MB1965.5 MB  
HARDIN2317.4 MB   6050.1 MB1814.0 MB6065.5 MB1819.7 MB  
HARRISON2021.9 MB404.1 MB2023.0 MB404.1 MB      
HENRY2324.6 MB   5943.0 MB1782.1 MB5943.9 MB1782.2 MB  
HIGHLAND2993.4 MB         
HOCKING2796.7 MB559.3 MB  7166.3 MB2149.4 MB7168.6 MB2149.6 MB  
HOLMES2054.2 MB410.5 MB2055.0 MB410.6 MB      
HURON1590.3 MB   5963.4 MB1788.2 MB5964.1 MB1788.3 MB  
JACKSON2197.4 MB439.0 MB2197.1 MB439.1 MB      
JEFFERSON2354.0 MB470.5 MB2354.7 MB470.5 MB      
KNOX3068.5 MB613.7 MB        
LAKE1535.4 MB         
LAWRENCE3649.6 MB729.5 MB3649.2 MB729.4 MB9572.1 MB2870.9 MB9573.7 MB2870.9 MB  
LICKING3370.3 MB673.6 MB        
LOGAN2489.1 MB497.8 MB        
LORAIN2253.1 MB         
LUCAS2682.2 MB   8942.2 MB2681.6 MB8942.3 MB2681.7 MB  
MADISON3089.9 MB618.0 MB        
MAHONING2242.4 MB   8215.4 MB1641.9 MB8219.5 MB1641.8 MB  
MARION2403.3 MB480.7 MB        
MEDINA1468.7 MB   5752.3 MB1725.0 MB5753.7 MB1725.0 MB  
MEIGS3121.4 MB623.9 MB3121.7 MB623.9 MB      
MERCER2281.7 MB         
MIAMI2145.8 MB   5479.5 MB1643.1 MB5479.6 MB1643.1 MB  
MONROE2585.4 MB516.7 MB2586.4 MB516.7 MB      
MONTGOMERY2324.6 MB   6179.8 MB1859.7 MB6180.9 MB1853.0 MB  
MORGAN2586.0 MB516.9 MB2586.0 MB516.9 MB      
MORROW2303.1 MB460.6 MB        
MUSKINGUM3423.9 MB684.3 MB3424.3 MB684.3 MB      
NOBLE2696.7 MB539.0 MB2696.8 MB539.0 MB      
OTTAWA2002.7 MB   7423.0 MB2226.6 MB    
PAULDING2027.8 MB   5042.6 MB1511.3 MB5043.2 MB1511.6 MB  
PERRY2696.5 MB539.3 MB        
PICKAWAY2993.4 MB598.7 MB        
PIKE2372.1 MB474.0 MB2371.9 MB474.1 MB      
PORTAGE1535.4 MB         
PREBLE2027.8 MB   5040.9 MB1511.4 MB5042.7 MB1511.7 MB  
PUTNAM2575.0 MB   6454.2 MB1935.1 MB6456.5 MB1935.6 MB  
RICHLAND2596.4 MB519.3 MB        
ROSS3533.4 MB706.7 MB        
SANDUSKY1573.6 MB   5720.4 MB1715.1 MB    
SCIOTO4487.9 MB897.0 MB4487.5 MB897.1 MB11472.1 MB3439.9 MB11474.3 MB3440.5 MB  
SENECA1702.3 MB         
SHELBY2138.7 MB   5351.8 MB1604.4 MB5352.5 MB1604.8 MB  
STARK3186.5 MB         
SUMMIT1378.1 MB         
TRUMBULL2904.0 MB         
TUSCARAWAS3152.1 MB630.2 MB3153.5 MB630.2 MB8082.8 MB2423.7 MB8084.7 MB2423.9 MB  
UNION2467.6 MB493.5 MB  7437.0 MB2230.2 MB7437.4 MB2230.2 MB  
VAN WERT2317.5 MB   5812.5 MB1743.0 MB5813.2 MB1743.2 MB  
VINTON3004.1 MB600.8 MB        
WARREN2056.4 MB   5230.3 MB1568.1 MB5231.2 MB1568.2 MB  
WASHINGTON5532.6 MB1106.2 MB5532.7 MB1106.2 MB14373.6 MB4311.1 MB14374.3 MB4311.2 MB  
WAYNE1609.3 MB         
WILLIAMS1952.7 MB   5193.9 MB1557.2 MB5194.3 MB1557.3 MB  
WOOD2188.7 MB   8445.0 MB2531.7 MB8447.2 MB2532.3 MB  
WYANDOT1891.9 MB378.4 MB        

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